Autism Affinity Survey


A company that makes an app called Sidekicks launched an online survey in collaboration with the research and advocacy organization Autism Speaks. The survey is aimed at estimating the prevalence of ‘affinities’ among people with autism and understanding how individuals use these intense interests to enhance their lives. The rationale: Knowing more about affinities may open the door to connecting with people who have autism.

Up to 90% of people with autism have at least one affinity – an intense passion that they turn into the breath of life. It’s part of what defines autism. These were long seen as non-productive obsessions. Now, a growing consensus sees them more as pathways than prisons, and an area of untapped potential. Yet, they’ve been little studied across the decades.

Sidekicks and Autism Speaks are working together to change that, with the first comprehensive survey of affinities and how they affect the lives of people with autism. Through this survey, we’ll discover how kids and adults with autism are using their affinities as sustenance and solace, code breakers and mirrors. The results will increase our understanding of affinities and lead to new solutions to harness them and empower those with autism.

By participating, you, along with thousands of others, will help build the very first roadmap of how the strong interests of autistic people impact their lives. We’ll use your anonymous responses to spur research and develop new insights for and about the autism community. The results will be made public by Sidekicks and Autism Speaks.

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