Autistic teen donates more than 1,600 boxes of cereal to Mimi’s Mission



Dillon Marshall just wanted to find a way to give back to the community.

The 15-year-old Lincoln Park High School student, decided one way to do that would be to help ensure that other children in the region don’t go hungry over the summer.

Marshall decided to collect boxes of cereal to be given to local food banks that will ensure children who had gotten meals at school will have access to food over the summer.

He worked with Lisa Viella, founder of Mimi’s Mission, to come up with the idea and then got to work soliciting donations for his cause.

“He initially wanted to try to get 300 boxes of cereal donated,” Viella said. “His mom told him to be reasonable and aim for a lower goal for the first time.”

By the end of the donation drive Marshall and his mother Sheri Alley had more than 1,600 boxes of cereal stored up to be sent to Mimi’s Mission.

Marshall is part of the “Puzzle Kids” program with Viella’s charity, that’s a support group for children with Autism and their families. Marshall is a high functioning autistic patient

“We support Puzzle kids in their efforts to help Downriver families in need,” Vilella said. “He’s a very special kid who just always wants to give back.”

Marshall said he was happy to be able to help.

“I thought about doing it to help other kids who need food,” he said.


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