The 7,600 Mile Hike Update


Join us in spirit on the way to Kilimanjaro!

As you may know, PJ and I are climbing Mt. Kilmanjaro this September in support of Beyond Limits!

Being 7,600 miles between Harford County, MD and Mount Kilimanjaro we hope to log that many miles with our training hikes, and the hikes, (or walks, runs, swims, bikes), of our supporters!  Any Fitness Tracker (e.g. Fitbit) logging by our followers and donors counts too!

As of June 1st, we’ve all logged over 2,500 miles.  We’ll need to step it up over the summer to reach 7,600!

A Facebook page has been created so you can share the miles that they’re walking/hiking/running; and add photos of the places you’re going!  Please check it out and let us know how many miles you log each week.


Visit our Facebook Page and join the “7,600 Mile Hike”! >



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